Helping parents tackle picky eating!

Say goodbye to mealtime mayhem!


Does your child eat the same food every day, and is reluctant to try something new, with dinner time often ending in tears and tantrums?


Eating a limited food range can be worrying, stressful and frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be this way.


Fussy eating affects 1 in 3 children at some point in their development, but there is hope!

Survival guide for parents to help improve their kids eating habits

As a parent of (reformed!) fussy eaters, Louise Lennox has walked in your shoes! She understands the challenges and is passionate about helping you teach your kids how to love new foods. With over 25 years of expertise in food, nutrition and feeding therapy, accredited fussy eating expert Louise will show you how to change your child’s eating habits and master mealtimes.

Discover what can contribute to eating problems in your child and gain the confidence to help broaden their palate. Receive practical advice, proven techniques, and strategies that are easy to implement into everyday family life. Let Louise assist in reducing feeding stress through her evidence-based, child-led approach that will change how your child engages with food.

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